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O LiftBoards

Lift advertising means a few hundred of billboards and several thousands of glances every day. Not only will our advertising carriers make your brand recognizable, but also will create popularity and confidence among your target customers. Outdoor advertisement that we offer is an outstanding alternative to other forms of promotion in Wrocław!

Advertising by LiftBoards in Wrocław includes about 700 advertising carriers located in attractive locations – Popowice (125 boards), Centrum (169 boards), Gądów Mały (160 boards), Kozanów and Maślice (116 boards), Na Ostatnim Groszu (56 boards), Psie Pole (65 boards), Różanka (78 boards).

What differentiates our billboards from other forms of promotion? Popular handbills may serve as an example. In most cases, they end up on the waste heap, never read. Advertisement in the lift, as opposed to the traditional handbills, do not require distribution and will not be thrown away.

LiftBoards advertising areas in Wrocław reach 127 000 potential customers each day, which, on the assumption that everyone uses the lift 4 times a day, means 464 000 glances a day!

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